Celebrate the Progressive Steps

Celebrate the Progressive Steps

Progressive steps are those milestones to reaching our goals.

Often we are too busy trying to reach our goals and we don’t take the time to celebrate our progressive steps.  This creates frustration with a lack of focus and our mindset starts turning to a negative state, which is extremely non productive.  If we take the time to celebrate, not only the progressive steps, but the gaps in between, then we have a sense of accomplishment and achievement, therefore, it is a confirmation we are on track to reaching our goals.

The progressive steps and goal gaps seem small in the scheme of the whole, but they are bigger and have more impact than what was first thought. This is why having a business plan for your goals, call it a goals business plan, with each step carefully outlined, along with the progressive steps and the goal gaps in between. This provides us permission for celebration and minimizes the frustration, therefore, making the goals seem more realistic and achievable.

I met with a client many years ago and we were having a conversation about goals.  He said, “Anyone can do something for five years, but the key to make the end of the five years count, is to focus on the path along the way and be kind to yourself by giving your self celebrations in between.”

After all, the sum of the parts are greater than the whole, which is the synergy needed to achieve your goals.  However, this is the most ignored part of the business plan in our goal setting and the most crucial.  It is easier to achieve anything if it is broken into steps /parts and work on reaching each step and achieving it to move to the next step.  Don’t forget to celebrate and be happy along the way.

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