Make Sure Your Company’s Printed Items Are Good Quality

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Make sure your company’s printed items, such as business cards, brochures, and catalogs; anything your company might leave with a prospective customer is of good quality with a nice design that will fully represent your company.

You only get one chance to make a really great impression, so don’t leave substandard printed items to represent your company and project a less than desirable image. There is a saying “It takes money to make money.” Most do not realize the importance of these items in your company’s marketing efforts. They look at them as purely an “expense”, but they are just more than an “expense”, they bring added value by attracting new customers into the front doors of your company. You might have to spend a little more, but the return on your investment from new customers can be much more rewarding than the expense of your company’s printed materials.

Think about how your company’s printed materials look, such as the company business card, the brochure or catalogs handed out by your company to a prospective customer. Think of it as curb appeal, as it is a telltale sign of what the inside of your company looks like. I am not talking the lobby décor in your office, but what I am talking about is the impression your company image is projecting. These items project an image about your customer service, the products or services you provide, and your company’s philosophies. Do you want a prospective customer to think your company provides substandard service or quality based on the poor quality of your company’s printed materials? Of course you don’t, you want to project that you are better than your competitors in every aspect.

Prospective buyers want to do business with a company that reflects an award winning customer service department, a product or service they know your company will stand behind; they want to make sure your products and service are of the utmost quality.

In conclusion, don’t be so frugal on your company’s printed materials that you sacrifice potential new business, because your curb appeal is not desirable. Quality makes your company stand apart from the rest!

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