Naked Facts About Social Media Marketing

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Facts or Fiction of  Social Media Marketing.

Naked Facts About Social Media

While social media marketing and networking has been around for a number of years and there are those who are still skeptical of its ability to successfully grow a business. Let us start with what is Social Media Marketing; it is a combined marketing strategy designed to encompass the use of web- based and mobile technologies to create more personal interactions between business and consumer. It has been referred to as the “art of listening, learning, and sharing” by many.  While traditional forums of marketing are still effective social media helps build relationships through tapping into social networks. It is an effective and cost efficient method to retain customers and market to new prospects.

Fact is customers enjoy surfing the internet. The Socialmedia Examiner held a study and reported that approximately 80% of web surfing females say they have become fans of products or brands through being a member of a social network. Social media played its role in luring the 80% group by allowing businesses to be more readily visible and creative. is a great example of advertisers placing advertisement banners or commercials on a video clip at the beginning thus making the consumer watch the ad before enjoying the actual video clip they wanted to watch originally.

Social media marketing statistics are measurable and can be monitored to ensure businesses are reaching their intended targets. Measuring statistics are time consuming for businesses and often confusing; however, just like anything else in life, hire a professional whose specialty is social media

Unlike traditional forums of marketing such as display ads and billboards, social marketing and networking takes work, frequency, and the willingness to be interactive. There are programs out there in the viral world that can help you with keeping up-to-date with your audience, but even still the work starts with you. Some businesses hire individuals within their firm to strictly focus on building these relations and then others outsource the work which often proves to be cost effective. Social media marketing firms often have package plans to choose from and offer content writing services.

The largest concern skeptics have of social marketing is negative reviews and feedback. Statistically negative reviews help businesses to increase its customer service and build a better relationship with its consumers. Fact is no one can ever completely satisfy everyone because not everyone has the same like. What matters is how a business responds to these negative comments.

Social media marketing is the best way to help build longer lasting and stronger relations with consumers. Traditional marketing is generally geared towards drawing in new business.  Implementing a marketing strategy encompassing both types of marketing is the best way for a business to grow and maintain a solid reputation.

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