The Power of the Post It Note Marketing

Post Notes

Have you ever thought about the power of Post It Note marketing?

Most people don’t think about the impact it can have on your company’s marketing plan. It is small, merely a little piece of paper with some adhesive, comes in different colors, has some sort of logo and company information on it. Sounds simple in reality, not much to it, but we use it to write those most important messages to ourselves that we don’t want to forget. They sit on our desk readily available to write some bit of information to everyone entering our office, they are convenient, compact, handy and the adhesive makes it convenient for us to stick it to virtually anything, so we can easily look up and see it at any given time.

Give a pad of Post It Notes to your company sales force, they go on a sales call and they leave it as a gift to the “prospective new” client along with other company information. The sales person leaves, the business card is put in the Rolodex, the brochure they leave behind is either filed in a filing cabinet or filed in the trash can nearby, but the pad of Post It Notes are still on the desk readily available for use of the “new prospective client”.

Someone walks into the “prospective new client’s” office, he writes a note on this pad of Post It Notes and gives the person a note with your company information and they in turn stick to something in their office. This happens repeatedly with others entering the “prospective new client’s” office and before you know it this little piece of paper with some adhesive, which has your company information is now filtered through the entire company offices of the “prospective new client”. They finally need that service or product you represent and you will be the one that comes to their mind.

Everywhere they turn, they now see your company information!

The point is that long after all of the other marketing information you left behind with the “prospective new client” have been placed out of site, but there is still the little piece of paper with adhesive and most importantly your company information. You are still marketing to this “prospective new client” long after you leave the office.

The power of the Post It Note marketing reigns!

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