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Trade Show

 What do trade shows, exhibitors, and conferences have in common? Marketing!

First, a booth must be clean, easily identifiable, and inviting to those passing by. The best way is to have tables spaced where the people working the booth can not just stand behind the table(s). This is key as often exhibitors feel more comfortable separating themselves from the attendees. It is best to have a tablecloth with your company name draped across the table making sure it is wrinkle free. Have a sign posted behind your booth displaying your company name and slogan. This will catch the eyes of everyone. The more attractive a booth the more attendees tend to draw in.

Next, pass out cards, brochures, and marketing materials directly to the hands of the attendees and make sure these same items are visible on the booth table. Take an extra step when passing out these items and engage the attendees in a conversation. This is your first chance of an impression. Some exhibitors find that adding music to their booth or having group classes held in a booth are huge attendee drawers.

Finally, people love promotional items and the catchier the item the more the attendees will flock to your booth. Be creative here. An excellent example of the impact promotional items have is during a meeting we had with a new client they had on their desk a trio highlighter set they picked up at a trade show. What made these highlighters so catchy is they looked like cartoon characters with feathers for hair, wearing huge smiley faces. Not only were these highlighters functional, but this person displayed them on her desk as part of her office decor.

Another great way to further connect with your booth attendees, offer a business card drawing. This is a great way to collect cards and follow-up with them at a later date. The pitfall to this method is some companies use the cards and send spam mail. Instead, call the person directly and re-introduce yourself and company.

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